San Diego 2011
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Color Eye Chart and Real Visual Acuity Test (F163)
Ultra-High Resolution OCT Imaging of Opaque Bubble Layers (F156)
..And None is a Glaucoma Implant (F51)
Aberrometry in Ophthalmological Practice: Progressive Lenses and the Prismatic Effects, Cataract Surgery and Depth of Focus (F70)
Adventures in the Investigation of Sulcus-Fixated/Piggyback IOLs (F84)
All I Need is an OCT (F2)
All Is Well...Phacoemulsification in Some Challenging Cataracts With the Aid of Visco Pump (F108)
All You Have Ever Wanted to See and Measure About Corneal Biomechanics (F147)
Anterior Capsulorhexis Tear: Mechanism and Management (F17)
Anterior Segment Reconstruction With a Good Visual Outcome in a Case of Extensive Corneal Melting With Iris Prolapse (F63)
Aphakic Thredless Boston Keratoprosthesis in Severe Chemical Burn With Obliterated Fornices (F146)
Assistance of Endoscopy in Cataract Surgery (F129)
Athens Protocol: Long-Term Follow-up of Simultaneous Collagen Crosslinking and Topography-Guided PRK for Post-LASIK Ectasia (F151)
Avoiding Lens-Iris Diaphragm Retropulsion Syndrome and the Overly Deep Anterior Chamber (F71)
BMICS and Challenging Cases (F5)
Benefit of Hydrodissection During a Pars Plana Lensectomy (F170)
Beyond the Line of Sight (F170A)
Bilateral Cataract and Capsular Fibrosis After High-Voltage Electrical Injury (F42)
Bilateral Simultaneous Cataract Surgery in Children (F41)
Breaking the Power Barrier: Our CMICS Technique With 1% Micropulse Ultrasound: Octopus (F111)
CalibChop Technique for Effective Vertical Chop in Various Grades of Cataract Using a Calibrated Phacotip (F37)
Capsular Anchor for Subluxated Lenses (F105)
Capsulorhexis Forceps-Only Technique: Virtual Reality Rehearsal Followed by Reality Performance (F138)
Case of Bilateral Corneal Melting Post Bilateral Laser in Situ Keratomileusis Treated with Amniotic Membrane Graft and Penetrating Keratoplasty (F97)
Case of Bilateral Posteriorly Dislocated Lens Into the Vitreous Cavity and Macular Hole Retinal Detachment Yoshihide Nakai, MD (F169)
Catar Evolution (F136)
Cataract Surgery in Patients With Phakic Intraocular Lenses (F9)
Challenging Anterior Vitreolenticular Interface (F171)
Combined Trabeculectomy With Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery Using Nuclear Snare in Cases of Glaucoma With Suprahard Cataract (F49)
Complications With Iris Hooks (F3)
Complications by Phaco Trainees (F16)
Corneal Complication During Vitreoretinal Surgery (F60)
Corneal Complications After Glaucoma Tube Surgery (F64)
Custom Artificial Iris Implantation (F85)
Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (F157)
Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty: NIIOS Rotterdam (F153)
Do What You Can With What You Have: Eye Bank in Crisis Time (F150)
Double Coil Injector for Insertion of DMEK Grafts (F96)
Drill and Chop: Modified Vertical Chop Technique for Hard Cataract (F118)
Drill-and-Crack Technique for Nuclear Disassembly of Hard Nucleus (F31)
Dropped Nucleus, Yet It Is Phaco As Usual (F107)
EDS: A Journey With Expedicionarios da Saude to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest (F98)
Endocapsular Lens Extraction in Marfan Syndrome (F22)
Epithelial Downgrowth: Doomed to Defeat or Surgical Success (F125)
Evidence of a Check Valve Mechanism by the Anterior Hyaroid Membrane- Infusion Misdirection Syndrome, Ciliary Block Syndrome, Secondary ACG (F164)
Exploring Thermal Aspects of Phaco Probes. (F47)
Extreme Makeover: When the Nd:YAG Goes Wrong (F21)
Eye of Your Patient, at Your Desired Intraocular Pressure After the Application of Intravitreal Injection (F74)
Femtosecond Laser Lens Surgery: New Era (F90)
Femtosecond Laser Surgery With Sub-1.0 mm Incisions (F104)
Femtosecond Pearls for the Beginner (F59)
Fluctuation in Intraocular Pressure During Phacoemulsification (F142)
Fluidics of Microincision Cataract Surgery (F57)
Forgotten Hero (F69)
Four Steps to Astigmatism Correction During Cataract Surgery (F135)
Generating Mechanism of the Air Bubbles (F35)
Glue Scleral Fixation for High Myopic Subluxated Mature Cataract and Management of Postoperative IOL Dislocation (F36)
Half In, Half Out (F7)
High Pressure Cataract (F18)
High-End Refractive Cataract Surgery (F33)
Hippie Chop (F32)
History of Keratomileusis: From Lathes to LASIK (F158)
How to Be Neutral (F109)
Hydroimplantation (F19A)
Idiot's Guide to the Single Piece Acrylic Intraocular Lens (F145)
Implantation of a Diffractive Sulcus Add-On IOL in a Pseudophakic Patient (F30)
Implantation of an Ab-Interno Suprachoroidal Glaucoma Device (F56)
Intense Pulsed Light Therapy for Dry-Eye Syndrome: Innovative Approach to a Common Problem (F126)
Intracameral Filtered Air Injection to Manage Descemet Membrane Detachment Intraoperatively During Cataract Surgery (F11)
Intraoperative Flow Test in Trabecular Bypass Surgery (F54)
Intrastromal Corneal Segments Complications (F168)
Iris Cerclage and Sceral Fixation of IOL (F124)
Irrigating Iris Retractor for Complicated Cataract Surgery (F80)
Keratoprosthesis: Past and the New (F131)
Lasik in Situ Keratomileusis in Difficult Cases with Nystagmus,Microophthalmos Following RK and Bioptics (F154)
Lens Management, Iridodialysis Repair, and Pupilloplasty in a Case of Penetrating Anterior Segment Trauma: Logical Approach (F62)
Let There Be Light: First Experience With a Stereo-Coaxial Illumination Microscope in Cataract Surgery (F72)
Let There Be Wavefront (F137)
Let Us Add a New Bend to Chopper Story (F88)
Live Filarial Worm Removal in Postoperative Patient: A Rare Presentation (F76)
Living on the Edge: Managing a Posterior Polar Cataract With Pre-Existing PC Tear (F68)
Magnetic Tip for Metallic Anterior Chamber Foreign Body Extraction (F87)
Manage the Unexpected IFIS Patient Without Trying: Five-Step Plan (F6)
Management of Posterior Polar Cataract with Ruptured Posterior Capsule and Sulcus Implantation of Multifocal IOL (F1)
Management of Pupillary Block Pseudophakic Glaucoma After Cataract Extraction and Anterior Chamber IOL Implantation (F48)
Management of Subincisional Cortex in Small-Incision Cataract Surgery (F139)
Managing Vitreous Loss Safely and Effectively: Step-by-Step Guide (F102)
Manual Washout of Posterior Cornea and Descemet Membrane Interface at Slitlamp (F110)
Many Faces of the Anterior Vitreous (F143)
Metallic Foreign Body Embedded in the Posterior Lens Capsule (F101)
Microcoaxial Phaco in Suprahard Cataracts (F29)
Minimally Invasive External Mini-Glaucoma Shunt Implantation Without Conjunctival Dissection (F50)
Minimally Invasive Pupillary Cerclage Using Intraocular Forceps (F123)
More Character Builders From the Past Year (F66)
MultiKeratome for Cataract Surgery: Curved with Multiple Points and Engineered to Seal Better and Minimize the Induced Astigmatism (F89)
Myopic Mystery: Intraocular Lens Power Prediction in High Myopia (F58)
Needleless Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplastya: Easier and Adjustable (F106)
New Spatula for Femtosecond Flap or Lenticule Preparation (F148)
Non Penetrating Glaucoma Surgery Made Simple by Laser-Assisted Deep Sclerectomy (F55)
Novel Instruments for Positioning Malyugin's Pupil Expansion Device (F120)
Pachy-Bubble: Targeting the Right Depth in Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (F93)
Paradise Regained (F15)
Phaco Windmill : Nondividing, Nonchopping Phacoemulsification Technique (F24)
Phacoemulsification Without Nuclear Rotation and Hydrodissection (F119)
Phacoemulsification in Cases With Damaged Anterior Capsules (F20)
Phacoemulsification in a Case of Post-Penetrating Keratoplasty With Small Pupil (F39)
Portable Entertainment System for Crosslinking Surgeries (F95)
Posterior Capsule Membrane Peeling in Pseudophakia (F8)
Precise Well-Controlled Nucleus Chopping (F79)
Pterygia Removal With a Comfortable Postoperative Period: Double-Grafted Technique (F112)
Pyramid Technique for Hard Nuclei (F23)
Quest for Optimal Treatment Parameters for MMC in Surface Ablation (F100)
Quick Chop Express (F40)
Real Time Surgical Data Center for Ophthalmic Microsurgery (F82)
Remove and Bubble: Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty for Infectious Keratitis Secondary to Intracorneal Rings (F161)
Routine IOL Implantation Landing in Difficult Situations (F61)
Safe Self-Sealing Technique for Clear Corneal Incision Without Wound Enlargement in Minimal Incision Cataract Surgery (F45)
Safer Modification of Sub-Tenon Anesthesia in Glaucoma Filtering Surgery (F141)
Save the Haptic (F65)
Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma: The Leading Masquerade (F134)
Side Issues in Phaco (F103)
Simple Device for Toric IOL Placement Based on Optical Principle (F86)
Stitch With a Cow Hitch: Repositioning a Late in-the-Bag, Spontaneously Dislocated IOL to Anatomical Site (F113)
Strategic IOL Implantation in Patients With Complicated Pediatric Cataract (F38)
Surgical Classification of White Matured Cataract (F128)
Surgical Outcome of Early-Onset Glaucoma in Children With Axenfeld-Rieger Anomaly (F53)
Surgical Treatment for Presbyopic Patietns With Refractive Errors: Simultaneous LASIK and Intracorneal Inlay Implantation (F160)
Sutureless Oral Mucus Membrane Graft in the Management of Ocular Sequelae of Stevens Johnson Syndrome (F117)
Tackling the Bulls Eye (F10)
Technique for Pediatric Cataract Surgery in an Eye With Posterior Lenticonus (F26)
The Deep Dandruff STOP Sign (F27)
The Time Has Come (F14)
Therapeutic Custom Ablations (F92)
Think Outside the Cone (F133)
Time Tunnel (F162)
Titanic No Sequels Please (F144)
To Whom it May Concern: Straight Needles Work Well With Torsional Phaco (F114)
Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome Associated With Indocyanine GreenDye in Experimental Rabbit Model (F4)
Treating Astigmatism During Cataract Surgery With Toric Intraocular Lens (F19)
Treatment of Cornea Blindness With a Foldable Artificial Cornea Using Small-Incision Techniques (F159)
Twenty Years of Comprehensive Care for Children with Congenital Glaucoma (F167)
Ultrasonic Pre-Chopper (F25)
Ultrathin DSAEK (F149)
Universal Refractive Corneal Marker (F91)
Unveiling the Bag Matrix (F127)
Virtual Cataract Surgery Using a Computerized Ophthalmosurgical Simulator: The Next Step in Phaco Training (F130)
Visco-Free Phacoemulsification With Endocapsular Carousel (F78)
Viscodissection of Anterior Hyaloid Membrane in Pediatric Cases (F13)
Viscofracture Technique for Soft Lens Cataract Removal (F122)
Wandering IOLs (F75)
What About the Children (F165)
White Flap During Lasik (F155)
World's Hardest Cataract (F43)