San Diego 2011
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F104: Femtosecond Laser Surgery With Sub-1.0 mm Incisions
F105: Capsular Anchor for Subluxated Lenses
F106: Needleless Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplastya: Easier and Adjustable
F107: Dropped Nucleus, Yet It Is Phaco As Usual
F108: All Is Well...Phacoemulsification in Some Challenging Cataracts With the Aid of Visco Pump
F109: How to Be Neutral
F110: Manual Washout of Posterior Cornea and Descemet Membrane Interface at Slitlamp
F111: Breaking the Power Barrier: Our CMICS Technique With 1% Micropulse Ultrasound: Octopus
F112: Pterygia Removal With a Comfortable Postoperative Period: Double-Grafted Technique
F113: Stitch With a Cow Hitch: Repositioning a Late in-the-Bag, Spontaneously Dislocated IOL to Anatomical Site
F114: To Whom it May Concern: Straight Needles Work Well With Torsional Phaco
F117: Sutureless Oral Mucus Membrane Graft in the Management of Ocular Sequelae of Stevens Johnson Syndrome
F118: Drill and Chop: Modified Vertical Chop Technique for Hard Cataract
F119: Phacoemulsification Without Nuclear Rotation and Hydrodissection
F120: Novel Instruments for Positioning Malyugin's Pupil Expansion Device
F122: Viscofracture Technique for Soft Lens Cataract Removal
F123: Minimally Invasive Pupillary Cerclage Using Intraocular Forceps
F124: Iris Cerclage and Sceral Fixation of IOL
F125: Epithelial Downgrowth: Doomed to Defeat or Surgical Success
F126: Intense Pulsed Light Therapy for Dry-Eye Syndrome: Innovative Approach to a Common Problem
F127: Unveiling the Bag Matrix