San Diego 2011
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F78: Visco-Free Phacoemulsification With Endocapsular Carousel
F79: Precise Well-Controlled Nucleus Chopping
F80: Irrigating Iris Retractor for Complicated Cataract Surgery
F82: Real Time Surgical Data Center for Ophthalmic Microsurgery
F84: Adventures in the Investigation of Sulcus-Fixated/Piggyback IOLs
F85: Custom Artificial Iris Implantation
F86: Simple Device for Toric IOL Placement Based on Optical Principle
F87: Magnetic Tip for Metallic Anterior Chamber Foreign Body Extraction
F88: Let Us Add a New Bend to Chopper Story
F89: MultiKeratome for Cataract Surgery: Curved with Multiple Points and Engineered to Seal Better and Minimize the Induced Astigmatism
F90: Femtosecond Laser Lens Surgery: New Era
F91: Universal Refractive Corneal Marker