San Diego 2011
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F57: Fluidics of Microincision Cataract Surgery
F58: Myopic Mystery: Intraocular Lens Power Prediction in High Myopia
F59: Femtosecond Pearls for the Beginner
F60: Corneal Complication During Vitreoretinal Surgery
F61: Routine IOL Implantation Landing in Difficult Situations
F62: Lens Management, Iridodialysis Repair, and Pupilloplasty in a Case of Penetrating Anterior Segment Trauma: Logical Approach
F63: Anterior Segment Reconstruction With a Good Visual Outcome in a Case of Extensive Corneal Melting With Iris Prolapse
F64: Corneal Complications After Glaucoma Tube Surgery
F65: Save the Haptic
F66: More Character Builders From the Past Year
F68: Living on the Edge: Managing a Posterior Polar Cataract With Pre-Existing PC Tear
F69: Forgotten Hero
F70: Aberrometry in Ophthalmological Practice: Progressive Lenses and the Prismatic Effects, Cataract Surgery and Depth of Focus
F71: Avoiding Lens-Iris Diaphragm Retropulsion Syndrome and the Overly Deep Anterior Chamber
F72: Let There Be Light: First Experience With a Stereo-Coaxial Illumination Microscope in Cataract Surgery
F74: Eye of Your Patient, at Your Desired Intraocular Pressure After the Application of Intravitreal Injection
F75: Wandering IOLs
F76: Live Filarial Worm Removal in Postoperative Patient: A Rare Presentation